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Along with providing traditional Farm Services, Sudharma is also focused in providing services pertaining to cutting edge innovative Agri Business ventures. We are fortunate to have been bestowed with a team that comprises highly experienced techno-commercial experts. These individuals are part of a network of contextual hi-end experts from various agencies in India and abroad who are capable of supporting any type of Agri Business ventures throughout the subcontinent. Sudharma’s USP is it’s ability to coordinate between the experts, technologies, concepts and project requirements of business owners to effectively evaluate the viability and feasibility of a project and to make it successful within the constraints of time lines and investment amount.

Our Services in this field

With Sudharma, you can access a large portfolio of Agri Business sector initiatives. We have categorized these below for your convenience. Do check out the tables in the following section for a complete list of all of the projects that you can pursue with us.

1. Business Architecture

Different planning modules have been developed for different types of investors- Small, Medium, Big and Large. For Big and Large investors, we offer additional feasibility and viability study based Project Identification process so that they are able to be assured of the security of their investment.

2. Financial: Loan & Subsidy

We do provide the following to our clients against requisition.

a. Information regarding availability of subsidy.
b. DPR preparation as per requirement and standard.
c. LOI preparation as per requirement and standard and follow up.

3. Infrastructure :  Turn key solutions

4. Technology :  Complete technological hand holding from inception to completion

5. Training :  Customized Training for Skill and HR development

6. Resourcing of inputs : Resourcing or supply services of Critical Inputs

7. Marketing : Arrangement of Marketing linkages or tie ups

8. Restructuring : We provide services for restructuring of old Businesses

Detailed List of Projects offered by Sudharma

Check out the categorized tables below for a visual representation of the projects that you can pursue with us. Pick one that suits your business and we will be happy to assist you!

Project Desciption Table 1

Project Desciption Table 2

Project Desciption Table 3