Agricultural and Allied Sectors

Agricultural and Allied sectors – The Pillar of strength overlooked by modern society

The Agricultural and Allied sectors account for 17% of India’s GDP. However, the potential is yet to be realized from the same. Even though there are innumerable schemes launched by the Government of India to facilitate this, the condition has only deteriorated. In 2014, the Centre for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), based in New Delhi, found that given an option majority of farmers in the country would prefer to take up some other work. Poor income, bleak future and stress are the main reasons why they want to give up farming. The survey of 5,000 farm households across 18 states says that 76 per cent farmers would prefer to do some work other than farming. Sixty-one per cent of these farmers would prefer to be employed in cities because of better education, health and employment avenues there. A high percentage of farmers complained of repeated losses; 70 per cent of respondents said their crops were destroyed because of unseasonal rains, drought, floods and pest attack. The situation is grim. However, at Sudharma we believe in the potential that the Agricultural and Allied Sector offers us and we believe that we also have the desired potential for the betterment of this situation. We have carefully used our expertise in this field to craft various products and services that can help people to change their perspective and look at agriculture with a different outlook. Agriculture is the mainstay of the people of our country. Not only is this a noble profession that helps to feed so many, it can also be extremely lucrative. Allow us to show you how.

Innovative Services by Sudharma in this field

We have designed various services for you to choose from. A brief description has been provided for each of them below. Please click on the attached images to have a detailed insight into each topic.

Electronic Crop Advisory

In the current scenario there is a wide gap between the knowledge possessed by agricultural experts and the common farmer. There is a severe need of knowledge sharing between these two parties so that the gap can be bridged and this is where Sudharma comes in. We have created a concept that is capable of providing personalized electronic crop advisory services in a cheaper and viable way to the farmers of the country to support the country’s food security problem in respect of it’s quality and quantity.


Farm Advisory and Turn Key Solutions

Sudharma has designed holistic services for all kinds of farm entrepreneurs and veterans in the field of farming who have envisioned to chalk out a serious career in this brand new field in the coming years. We provide a wide number of services in this field beginning from Crop/Project identification to the marketing of the crops in the market. At every step of the way we have the capability to guide you so that your profitability is maximized. Development of the requisite infrastructure to enhance productivity and proper strategy to capture the market are imperative to guide you to success and we can help in those departments as well as many others.


Farmhouse Advisory and Turn Key Solutions

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a Farmhouse lifestyle and have equally enjoyable remunerative components with the same? Think no more, for Sudharma is here with our innovative offering that blends the two together into a unique concept. On top of this, the system that we have developed promises a regular income generation component through which a promoter can enjoy a tax free income on his/her investment. Moreover, all this is being offered by Sudharma at a rate that is 25% lesser than the current real estate market rate. So, hesitate no longer and delve deeper into this offering before others beat you to it.


Agri Business Advisory

Sudharma’s expertise is not limited to traditional Farm Services only. We are also focused in providing services pertaining to cutting edge innovative Agri Business ventures. We are fortunate to have been bestowed with a team that comprises highly experienced techno-commercial experts. Various types of project advisory services are provided by our team which encompasses every type of venture category. There is something for the high level, medium level and the initial level entrepreneur. Also, these services are provided in Rural, Urban or Semi Urban regions by our team of experts having a huge breadth of experience.


Developmental and Governmental Projects

Sudharma, in addition to helping private stakeholders , also deals with governmental requirements and our services are also provided to state and central governments for various kinds of projects undertaken by them. Sudharma is trusted by all stakeholders to help them with the necessary technical expertise.


Innovative Products by Sudharma in this field

Sudharma has also brought many innovative products to this field and we are constantly coming out with new and innovative products to serve our customers. It is extremely gratifying for us that our customers have liked these new products and based on their response we continue to further tailor all our products.


At Sudharma, we believe in challenging the status quo. We asked ourselves why agriculture must always be dependent on various factors for it to yield the optimum rewards. In searching for possible solutions to this problem we found a solution in the form of the Polyhouse. The polyhouse is able to solve the problems of climatic instability, declining soil quality and financial problems of poor farmers. The arrangement houses the crops to be cultivated within a polyethylene tunnel that is usually semicircular or square in shape. It is a type of protective cultivation technology in that it protects the crops from harsh natural exposures which might be unsuitable for crop cultivation. Numerous hostile external threats like extreme temperatures, torrential rainfall, hail storms etc. can be avoided by the usage of such a protective mechanism for crop cultivation.


Crop Profiles

Sudharma provides a wide array of comprehensive crop profiles to prospective clients so that they may be able to assess the requirements of the crops and the conditions under which they may thrive. Detailed brochures have been created on various crops. Information on these are provided to our clients so that they can choose for themselves based upon their environmental situations and sow the best crops to earn maximum profits.


Agricultural SIP

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is described in the financial world as an investment vehicle offered by mutual funds to investors, allowing them to invest using small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. The frequency of investment is usually weekly, monthly or quarterly. We have brought to the market an innovative method whereby we use Micro Farming and SIP fundamentals to convert your agricultural land into a viable business venture-that is the basis for Agricultural SIP. The scheme that we have designed allows for up to 100% returns of the investment amount within a few months from the start of investing, normally around 8-10 months. Thus, after this period, your venture will have achieved break even and after this initial period you will continue to earn profits from the same.