Agricultural SIP

Leverage Agriculture and build up your wealth!

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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is described in the financial world as an investment vehicle offered by mutual funds to investors, allowing them to invest using small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. The frequency of investment is usually weekly, monthly or quarterly. We have brought to the market an innovative method whereby we use Micro Farming and SIP fundamentals to convert your agricultural land into a viable business venture-that is the basis for Agricultural SIP.

What is Micro Farming and why should we care about it ?

Micro farming is defined, among other things, as a scientific method of sustainable farming on small or medium sized lands situated in rural or remote urban areas. People living in such places might have lands adjacent to their residences or at a place nearby their dwelling places. These vacant lands usually remain useless since the owners of these lands do not have the knowledge to use their land for financial enrichment through modern farming techniques. They are yet to realize that these underutilized lands, if used for farming, may give them a good return and improve their livelihood. These people are wary of suffering from heavy losses if they invest money to cultivate their lands. So, in many cases, instead of starting cultivation, they prefer to sell their land outright and gain out of it. They never realize that the gain/income they derive from the sale of the land is one time only whereas if they could use their lands for farming they could earn out of it year after year, while also maintaining their property as a valuable asset that would appreciate over time.

What is different and unique about our SIP product ?

Scientific methods, implemented in various fields of human activity, have affected the agricultural field throughout the years. Scientists, who are engaged in agricultural research, have already invented various techniques/methods which are useful for farming to produce a lot from a very little investment thereby minimizing the risk factor in agro commercial activities. One such method in Micro Farming is called Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). It is a scientific method of production to earn good quantity of produce through minimum investment at a marginal risk.  SIP is used in different fields of human activity. When it is used in agricultural field it may be called SIP for agriculture. This SIP has brought an opportunity for the people living in urban or semi-urban areas and having their own lands, to use the same for farming at a minimum investment and risk to earn good quantity of produce which they can use for commercial purposes to make their livelihood better.

Sudharma has it’s own expertise to implement SIP in farming in different conditions considering the geographical location of land and other factors like climate, soil etc. It chalks out plans suitable for the lands situated at different places and implements the same to enable the farmers to earn maximum profit out of minimum investment and at minimum risk.

Why should I choose an SIP if I can easily obtain crops from nurseries?

The Agricultural SIP system is different from Nurseries in the following 4 ways

  1. The SIP system is based upon advanced technologies and scientific methods of cultivation. The traditional crops from nurseries cannot compare with it.
  2. The specific breeds of crops that we provide through this program are not available to be obtained through nurseries.
  3. We maintain international standards and provide you with qualified experts at every step of the way.
  4. Land and Financial gain analysis is done by our team for each property and this specialized treatment is necessary to prosper in the current market

Can such a high quantum of gain be reasonably achieved through this program ?

A few fundamental ideas need to be recognized to gain an insight into this. Man has been traditionally planting trees and obtaining profits from the same for centuries. Hence, we are not talking about a radically new idea. We are talking about implementing the idea using radically new and innovative methods. Our method is designed to target the twin challenges of maximization of profit and minimization of risk. Scientific methods, cutting edge research and agricultural innovation are blended together to design this product and get maximum financial gain from it- not an unreasonable assertion isn’t it?

If we consider specifically the Indian market, new and innovative agricultural products account for an industry that is worth over ₹ 5000 crores. Research scientists are working tirelessly to create genetic varieties that can withstand climate change and boost productivity rates. It is a pity that such amazing work is being done in the research labs but our farmers are still bereft of all the advantages that they can get. Sudharma is dedicated to step in and take up the mantle. We are committed to the hard task of bringing such advantageous agricultural technologies to the people and to the market as a whole. We have built up a knowledge repository and want to share this with you and take your agricultural business to new heights.

An insight into the different components of this product

While developing this scheme we have broadly classified it into three fundamental segments .

Information Repository

There are many kinds of research being conducted by our innovative research labs and scientists all around the nation but upon analysis of the market potential of these, we have found that there is a huge disconnect between these and the kinds of things that are available to the public. After all, the ordinary nursery owners and layman cannot possibly know all the cutting edge technologies that are available. Thus, our primary work was to create a knowledgebase that can be easily accessible to our customers. We provide all our customers with the same and keep it updated regularly so that they can always keep their finger on the pulse of the latest and innovative things happening in the country.


Now, there is another problem to be tackled. Which of the research products that are cropping up can actually be used by our customers? There are hundreds of new things being invented daily but not all of them can be used viably by our customers. Different soil requirements, water and land requirements are prescribed for using different crops. Our highly specialized team looks into these matters so that you do not need to have any in depth knowhow. Leave the analysis aspect to us and we will look into all the variables and determine which ones you can use for optimizing your financial gain. Through our wide experience over the years we have perfected this analytical art.

Supply System

After determination of the exact varieties and quantities of crops that you need, the question comes about the actual acquisition of these varieties from the experts who have developed them. Sometimes it might happen that these varieties need to be transported from a very different corner of the country! For such transit operations spanning thousands of kilometers, there is a requirement for special packaging and proper transport mediums. These are specially designed varieties of seeds and live plants we are talking about so one can guess how much of care and specialized treatment is needed. This is where Sudharma comes in and resolves all your issues. We have different supply systems that can meet your exact requirements without you having to worry about any of the finer detail. Sudharma sees to your needs at every step of the way.

Techniques and Expertise required for Cultivation

After the crops are planted and seeds are sown, what are the techniques for enhancing productivity? How should one care for the plants? What are the inputs needed in different stages of plant growth? It is to be remembered that we are trying to introduce very specialized and unique methods that are not offered by most of the companies operating in this field in India. As such, the onus is also taken up by us to make this venture with as much hand holding support as possible. When you choose Sudharma you are choosing your future because we focus our energies on optimizing your land for maximum financial output with minimal risk for the long term. We are with you, all the way.

How can this be a risk free venture as claimed ?

This is possible because the scheme that we have designed allows for up to 100% returns of the investment amount within a few months from the start of investing, normally around 8-10 months. Thus, after this period, your venture will have achieved break even and after this initial period you will continue to earn profits from the same. Our team will always be at your side and will be actively involved in dynamic risk analysis and risk reduction. Thus, we can help you achieve your investment and also protect your financial security.