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Electronic Crop Advisory Services & Sudharma Crop Care Centre

The agricultural management domain is becoming more & more complex with each passing day. This is due to various reasons like intensive cropping, abuse/misuse of agricultural inputs and the steady pursuit of improper systems of agriculture due to a lack of in depth knowledge about agriculture. Even though there is a large amount of complexity involved these days, there is also availability of a huge information base about the frontiers of agricultural technology which is lying either in the research laboratories or on the internet in complicated white papers much beyond the reach of the common farmer. As a result of this, everyday farmers cannot acquire this knowledge as per their need. To make it available to the man on the field we have designed a unique Electronic Crop Advisory service which is committed to propagation of this information to those who need it most via our Agri-Information Hubs by the name of Sudharma Crop Care Centre.

How it applies to agriculture

Collate, Collaborate, Circulate

Our Agri-Information Hubs can be set up by many different agencies. We aspire to inculcate a collaborative atmosphere with our partners to drive the maximum value. Agricultural co-operatives, rural banks, CSCs, NGOs or even private agencies can work with us in close collaboration in the market place of rural areas to deliver the correct information to the farmers directly, right and pure inputs in appropriate time to solve their problems. The farmers in remote areas can also get an easy access to various other services like soil testing ,fertilizer recommendations based on soil testing, farmers’ digital training on various technologies, advanced local weather forecast system, symptomatic diagnosis and identification of disease & deficiency of crops, consultancy on agri –businesses in general and farming of hi- value crops in particular and many more, through one window system of Sudharma Crop Care Center.


Sudharma’s Experience in this field

This concept that we have developed is capable of providing personalized electronic crop advisory services in a cheaper and viable way to the farmers of the country to support the country’s food security problem in respect of it’s quality and quantity. Besides, it is also capable of enhancing the economic prosperity of the farmers thereby making their profession more profitable and attractive especially in the 3rd world countries. We are committed to providing a fulfilling livelihood to the farmers of our country.

We have successfully completed techno commercial trial runs on 6 traditional crops in three districts. The results have been extremely positive. Outlined below is a brief visual synopsis of one of our projects where we achieved stellar success.




Our Specialized Services driven by Innovation

At Sudharma, we are stern believers in doing things differently from the rest. Our personalized electronic crop advisory services reflect this philosophy. The various services that we have made available are as under.

  1. Plant Protection

  2. Pest & Disease Management

  3. Weed Control Management

  4. Irrigation Management

  5. Manuring & Nutrition Management

  6. Pre & Post Harvest Management

  7. Nursery Management

  8. High Value Crop Cultivation Information

  9. Market Information

  10. Weather Information

  11. SMS based Crop Advisory Information

  12. Personalized Agri Advisory Information

  13. Soil Testing

  14. Resourcing of Correct and Quality Inputs

  15. Other Laboratory Services crop-advisory-004