Developmental & Govt. Projects

Developmental, Governmental & CSR Projects



1.Electronic crop advisory services : We provide our professional expertise to any Govt. Agencies / CSR initiatives to establish e-Agri Clinic project.  Click to know more

2.Mapping :  Soil mapping, crop waste mapping and other mapping and recommendation.

3.Cluster development: Towards development of crop wise productivity and profitability of farmers in different states we could provide our expertise to develop and manage crop clusters . In the same way we can provide our services for the development of agri ancillary sectors like micro / small scale agro based industry sector.

4.Crop/ product wise Value Chain Development : Value addition & cluster development in different states  ( like branding, packaging, retailing /whole selling infrastructure development with hand holding support facilities etc.).

5.Incubation Centre for Agri Business Entrepreneurs :  Establishment of Agri Business entrepreneurship development centers in different states with complete hand holding facilities like feasibility study, project diagram, financial facilitation for Loan and subsidy, technology transfer, market linkage, mentoring, training and other things akin to this domain.

6.Soil health card :  Provide Soil Health Cards to the farmers of different states in collaboration with any Govt. agencies/ NGOs etc.

7.Recyling of organic waste :  We provide the requisite knowledge and expertise towards recycling of organic waste.

8.Training, courses & skill development  :  We have a specialized institute Institute of farm management and entrepreneurship development  through which we are capable of delivering different types of agro based skill development  programs, trainings and courses.

9.Others : We also have the expertise related to rural livelihood development projects, watershed development,  Soil & Water conservation projects, NREGA, Creation of Farmers’ Producers Company  and its 360 degree supporting  services etc.

10.Survey : We do survey work on agricultural and rural  factors as per the need of our client.

DPR : We also make Detailed Project Report (DPR) against  specific requisition.

In B2G Segment, we provide our services as per job or Turnkey basis.