Mentoring Entrepreneurs

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What is Mentoring ?

Let’s face it: Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. Nurturing a business is something that takes quite a bit of energy and there are multiple factors that have to be just right for it to be able to grow and eventually become successful. Only a true visionary can build a company that is truly successful. There needs to be a willingness to create something that is in alignment with one’s idea of success. You can go it alone, but it might be helpful to have someone beside you or a team that eggs you on through the tough times and gives suggestions. Sometimes, having the right people to provide guidance and discuss ideas can bring about novel solutions to mundane problems. That is why a business mentor can make such a difference  to an entrepreneur.

In general, a business mentor is a person that has been involved in the setting up of businesses themselves and one who has a lot of knowledge about all the stages along the way. These are people who have been able to create the success they’ve been looking for and are now willing to share their expertise with others that are going through the same journey.

When we start setting up a business we normally find that there are a lot of things we had never even heard about and a mind boggling amount of such things need to be in place before a business can thrive. It can feel like quite cumbersome and at times almost overwhelming, but if you have someone with experience near you, you can easily integrate all the aspects that will make your business successful. Someone who was in your shoes some years back can also feel what you are going through and guide you in the correct path and course correct when necessary.

Who could be your Mentor ?

Before you choose your business mentor, you must ensure that he/she is someone that knows a lot about the type of business you are setting up. In this way they can easily give you the advice that you seek in the relevant industry and walk with you along the same way to the future. Other qualities that a good business mentor needs to have are “innovation potential”-one who can bring in new ideas and “Resourcefulness”- one who can give you the tools to become more empowered and in charge.


When you let a business mentor lead you towards the success you are seeking, you can be sure that it will come to you both faster and easier. The business mentor can easily guide you through stages that normally can be a bit challenging and help you find the solutions. They can give you the knowledge on how to maximize results, increase productivity and how to make work and production as efficient as possible. Having a business mentor on your side means that you will know about the pain points of the industry from a source who is inside the industry and know about upcoming and current challenges that your business can solve even before you have to face it yourself. Regardless of whether you are setting up or expanding your business, you can save yourself a lot of the more challenging experiences and usher in success in an easy and joyous way.


As per our definition a mentor is equivalent to a “Business Guru” , who will provide guidance like a sincere teacher and may provide connections exclusively required for the entrepreneur to get ahead in the current market scenario. Here at Sudharma one can get the highest level of business guidance from the knowledge-rich Gurus starting from motivation, principles and ethics, life style management to technical, managerial ,marketing , taxation and licensing decision-making issues and many other avenues akin to his domain. We have the people who can advise you on all aspects of your journey-they will walk alongside you, on your path and lead you to success.

Following our observations over a decade we have found that a good number of  Agri-entrepreneurs, especially medium to big scale entrepreneurs cannot start or grow their own Agri based ventures in rural areas due to lack of proper mentoring, hand holding support, trusted and experienced facilitation services. We hope our Institutional venture will solve this problem and will be able to create rural job creators in a large way.


The mentorship opportunity from Sudharma is provided only to start ups dealing with agriculture- specifically Agri Business entrepreneurs, who have planned to start a new Agro based venture or those who are interested to start a new venture but could not identify any suitable one. Through our vast experiences in this field, we have identified some factors which must be in place before we offer support to the entrepreneur.


The entrepreneurs must have a modern and positive attitude and must be willing to start a venture. They must be interested to hire an exclusive mentor against requisite professional fees. Only this category of professionals are eligible for this opportunity.

Venture type

  1. Farm Sector : Farming of high value crop.
  2. Non Farm Sector : Agro based industry, export, retailing of fresh produce, service sector etc.

Category of entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs should have medium – big scale investment capacity to be eligible for this opportunity.


The charges are very nominal but reasonable with respect to the engagement of an expert. For full details on this aspect, please follow our latest brochure.


Please follow our latest brochure to get an idea about this.


There are different packages that we offer regarding this – right from 6 months to 3 years. Please follow our latest brochure for further info.


Following the basic principal of mentoring we have designed a unique module for mentoring. We believe this will prove to be useful for the entrepreneurs.

Agriculture and Agri Business sectors, unlike all other sectors and businesses, are always the top most important spheres of the economy. The days of family farming with traditional knowledge is going to be a bygone episode. Present day’s agriculture in fact is a package program- farming of high value crops, value addition, forward trading in domestic and international markets of fresh and processed agro commodity etc. Nowadays such initiatives are flourishing at a lightning tempo. The influence of modern scientific technologies with hi-tech applications of modern engineering, innovative ideas and management coupled with all related scientific inputs are towing up this domain to an emerging zenith – aggregating to a huge price worthy industry. Besides, following our observation over a decade we have found that a good numbers of  Agri-entrepreneurs, specially micro, small and medium scale enterprises can not start or grow their own Agri based ventures due to lack of proper mentoring, hand holding supports, trusted and experienced facilitation services. We hope our Institutional venture  will solve this problem and  will be able to create job creators in a large way. Government of India’s Start Up India initiative will then be fully realized.

Our experience in this sphere for the past few decades associated with huge technical and business knowledge back ups encourage us to share our experiences with the interested next gen farm and non farm Agripreneurs. So, our module has been prepared accordingly to provide mentoring services as per international standards. With Sudharma, your business is in safe hands.


The project is a vehicle of potential because it is capable of creating and fostering Agri business entrepreneurship up to Block level and providing an Agri business start up eco system. This is a very new model developed by us and can be replicated throughout the country in the near future.


Yes it is a very innovative and new concept in India but in the west it is a well known subject.


Please follow our brochure to get more information on the targeted geographical territories and the criteria of the entrepreneurs chosen for this attachment. There you can also find info about the selection process of the entrepreneurs and details on the project specific charges levied by us. The payment terms, payment mode and many more such kinds of info can also be obtained.


As a rural village entrepreneur, Anarul was one of many young people facing an opportunity gap. He had contacted multiple agencies and programs but was still disappointed. In the last 15 years he tried several initiatives but failed and lost lakhs of rupees and years of his time – as he describes it, “the odds were against me, I was so confused!” He then contacted us for help and took assistance from one of the experts of Sudharma as his mentor and they both saw immediate changes, notably in the improvement of Anarul’s crop quality and productivity. Sudharma has helped him succeed by leaps and bounds. Contact us today and let us help you as well to reach the stars.