“True Food” Security

What is True Food? The way to Combat your slow poisoning!

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You might have heard about this term before but what does it really mean? It’s a fundamental question that has a simple answer. Any food to be defined as “True Food“, must have the following characteristics.

  1. Naturally grown produce that can satisfy the hunger of the general population.
  2. Rich in natural nutrients which can help in building immunity, fostering growth and stamina & boosting energy.
  3. It must not induce toxicity synthetically into the body.

Taking the above points into account, can the food we consume readily every day be defined as “true food”?

Unfortunately, it cannot.


How is it different from regular food?

ParametersFoodTrue Food
Satisfies hunger?YesYes
Infused with natural nutrients?Lowest %Highest %
Can induce toxicity synthetically into body?Yes, HugelyNo

Are people aware about this in general?

A staggering 97% people surveyed in West Bengal, India did not have any idea about this contrast. Hence, it seems to us that awareness regarding true food is lacking among the general public.

Are people willing to invest the time to know about it?

Our survey found something very disappointing. About 99% of the general population is not willing to spend even 10 minutes to search for quality food – Food, which is the basic requirement for healthy living! People invest so much time to search for the best deals for electronics and consumer articles but they are not willing to use even a fraction of that time to understand something that is vitally important to each and every individual.

What are the implications of “regular” food consumption?

Several diseases happen due to food toxicity like cancer, neurological disorder, hyper tension, high blood pressure, infertility, restlessness and many more. Besides, several disorders in human body may take place due to lack of proper nutrients in food. Infants and children are being affected mostly.

How can we alleviate this problem?

“True food” through micro farming  is  one of the best possible ways out for  general people. City dwellers across the globe have started practicing micro farming for their own “True food”.  Are you ready to join the“ True food “ Revolution?

9a. true food 1000 x320

True Organic Vegetables grown on a roof of Kolkata

How can I join in?

  1. You have to invest  a little bit of time and money  to  get awareness  of ‘True Food” for yourself.
  2. To be associated with a genuine organisation/consultant who can help  you providing  solutions.
  3. Your consultant  should provide you with an yearly cropping plan, growing  techniques, resourcing inputs and/or infrastructure and could provide other valuable knowledge.
  4. Start to grow  your very own “True food”  for your family passionately.
  5. Allot  a routine time span of 20-30 minutes  on an average  per  day.
  6. Follow religiously the direction of your consultant.
  7. Slowly  start imbibing the expertise to grow healthy food all on your own.
  8. Enjoy the rewards of your efforts and enrich your health with home grown food!

Where I can grow “True food” ?

Apart from growing on the grounds, people can use open terraces, roofs or any other suitable location to cultivate “True food” to meet  their family requirement.  They can use any location whichtestimonial_true_food gets at least 4 hours or more of direct Sunlight per day. Any place where  there is space to keep a few growing units provided by Sudharma can be utilized and our experts can even help you find the ideal places in which to startgrowing true food. In this context, people may have a common question in their mind whether a  terrace/balcony/ roof etc. would be able to hold the weight of  pots/plants/containers . It’s a proven fact that the average RCC/concrete slab can carry a huge amount of weight. If one does not use our growing units then it is to be ensured that adequate waterproofing treatment has been done. If your terrace can bear the brunt of a heavy downpour, then you can jolly well go with an OTG too. For every case you need to make sure that you have a water drainage outlet. As we have helped countless of our clients to set up their true food growing units, we are confident that we have a solution to any problems that you may face. Sudharma is at your disposal and all you need to do is contact us. We will send our experts over to your place and survey the surrounding areas to determine what is the correct course of action to be deployed. Every customer is special for us and all our customers are treated with individual attention that Sudharma is renowned for. Call us today and let us customize our solutions for you to enjoy your peace of mind!

What  is the cost if we grow our own “True food” for our family ?

Cost of “True food” is not so high when you start production. Primary expenditures to arrange  the growing containers etc.  are being treated as fixed expenditure. Different types of growing containers are there  having  different specifications and price, but it’s a nominal cost to ensure the health of your family.

What types of “ True food”  can we grow ?

All types of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits  that we consume as our everyday food should be taken as “True food”. But as major toxicity comes through vegetables  people can grow their vegetables as “ True food”. Micro farming of “ True vegetables” is possible in small urban house holds. Other components like cereals, pulses, milk, eggs etc. are not  technically possible to cultivate in homesteads, normally. So, people should  be associated with such organisations like Sudharma who deal with “True food” and can become their registered customers. In this way people can get 360 degree “True food” security for their health and peace of mind.

How can Sudharma help me in this regard?

Sudharma’s expertise can provide you with counselling and consultancy services. Our experts can also offer you uniquely customized plans by visiting your place and assessing your unique requirements. We can provide you with technical hand holding support to grow your own “True food” as well as to supply you with true cereals, pulses and other such food items that are usually not possible to grow on Homesteads.