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Sudharma is devoted to introducing new concepts, technologies and services for the benefit of the garden culturists or the plant culturists. These new type of products have been selected or developed keeping in mind the present demand of the people. These are not only time savers but also reduce the cost of their culture. For those who are trying to grow plants or nurture a garden our range of products will bring about meaningful satisfaction for them along with joy and peace!

Most of our unique and innovative products are not available in the general market so you will need to get in touch with us to get these exclusive products. They have been designed to take care of the plant care taker’s work! So, let’s start and we hope that you enjoy the magic of our products!



We have developed a wide range of garden containers keeping in mind the necessity of urban people, cost of space, purposefulness, comfortability and many more things. These are available in wide variants like roof top gardening for flowers, vegetables etc. Besides, these are also great to utilize the external area of a balcony or a window. These have two parts – the first one is the stand and actual structure which is generally made of steel and the other part is the container. We use different materials for its layering inside the structure for different purposes like ease of drainage, protecting the roots from scorching heat due to heat radiation from the sun especially in summer and of course to maintain the durability.


These are quite durable, easy for gardening for its standing heights, do not damage roof in any way and are transportable.


To grow vegetables, flowers and medicinal herbs on roofs, balconies and windows.


Available with different specifications.


  1. It is movable.
  2. It is a complete system that will help you to enjoy real productive green flavour of gardening.
  3. Comfortable to use for its standing height.
  4. It will not damage your roof as the bed is not in the contact of roof surface.
  5. Durable and its anti-thermal insulation protects the roots from the roof heat radiation.
  6. Low maintenance – about Rs. 100 is required for each system annually to maintain properly.
  7. Suitable for seasonal crop culture. & 1-2 per system is required to grow new crop in every season.
  8. We provide one month’s service free of cost to every customer.
  9. AMC is available.
  10. Suggestive service is also available with us.
  11. Automated irrigation facility is available against extra cost.
  12. Probably the only such system available in India considering its purpose, effective area (9 sq. ft. per system) and cost.

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Nurturing Green encourages the idea of ‘Green Events’ which can definitely be promoted under the CSR activities of an organization or individuals. It is an efficient way to reduce the carbon footprint of the individual employees and eventually the organization as a whole. Incorporating such concepts in the organizational/personal values, a firm/ individual can definitely rise above the rest.

Here we are introducing Innovative Green Gifting products. This has been developed following two year’s uninterrupted and strenuous techno commercial R & D of the experts of Sudharma. These could also be customized. The customer can choose from a huge variety for their different Green Events, like the following:

Corporate Gifting & Corporate Branding

Love & Valentine Days

Marriage & Marriage Anniversary gifting

Seminars & Institutional gifting

Gift to new born baby, Birthday gifting

Special Days

Inspirational gifting & Emotional Issues

Religious occasions

Home Décor and office Décor etc.

Beyond the visual specimens given below there are many designs available based on different price range and purpose.

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Growing Media & Manure

GM – 6gm-7

It is a rare and one of a kind organic product formulated by the experts of Sudharma through R & D. It’s Ingredients have been extracted from the plant and animal body. It provides all types of nutrients to the plants for its growth, immunity, vitality and production. It reduces the probability of insect and pest attack in the root zone of plants. You may find a lot of products on the market that advertise to do these, but other single products can not serve all the purposes that GM – 6 can. So it is called THE COMPLETE PLANNED FOOD for plants and it is very much useful for the urban horticulture practitioners.


This is the other premium product which was designed exclusively for urban garden lovers brought through the innovation of the experts of Sudharma. It helps to provide easy solutions to bring profuse flowering and fruit setting in your plants. Also provides the adequate phosphate supply to the plants in an organic way. Very much suitable for vegetables, flowering plants and fruit plants. If you are serious about making your garden flourish then you must ensure that this product is owned by you and put to the requisite use. Like the name of this product, you will indeed witness the “magic” firsthand when you start to apply it in your gardens. We can promise that it will help you to increase yields by leaps and bounds.


This product is an organic manure for general use. We all know what the harmful chemicals in manure can do to our plants and vegetables. Moreover when these harmful chemicals seep into the soil they can kill the beneficial insects which can bring down the productivity of your crops. It has already been substantiated by scientists throughout the world that harmful chemical fertilizers can deteriorate soil quality by a huge amount. Also, it has been proven that when these harmful chemicals enter the bloodstream of humans through the blood chain they can wreak havoc on our systems. Thus, at Sudharma we faced a challenge and developed this. It derives from recycling of organic waste like vegetables and others. It provides general organic nutritional values to the plants. Suitable for all types of vegetables as well.

SUPER ORGANICSsuper-organics

This is a easy tool for the green culturists of urban regions. One can easily substitute the hazards of purchase of quality soil, manures, fertilizers and soil fumigants and can minimize the transport and labour costs in a large way. Above all it is capable of reducing your time wastage and unnecessary headache. More over, Super Organics is a next generation growing media that consists of tested soil ingredients with balanced pH mixed with Organic matters and water retention components. It is lighter than general soil. General usability is very simple – open the bag and pour it in to your pots, containers or ground and plant your plants. It has the potential to reduce the frequency of irrigation.

SUPER SOILpicture4

This is basically soil but free from negative factors – those that can create negative impacts in the plant’s growth. In urban areas quality soil collection is a task for gardening. So, we are bringing this product as a quality, easy and affordable solution for the urban green practitioners. Application procedure is very easy – open the bag and pour it in to your pots, containers or ground and plant your plants . You will get better result if you mix GM – 6 with it.  Moreover this product is suitable for all plants and trees.

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Specialized Products

DRAIN CELLhoney-comb-cell

Drain cell is required to provide space to drain the excess water of a surface garden. This helps to protect the surface from damping and damage. As per latest technology it has been used in all roof gardens. They are very strong, and modular in nature and are especially designed for sub-surface drainage and waterproofing membrane protection so that there is so leakage of water as well while drainage occurs. These cells are very easy to install because of a helpful interlocking mechanism which locks them into place. They can be setup vertically or horizontally. Our experts are always available to help you setup the cells in the proper fashion so that you do not face any difficulty in doing so.

SHADE NETshade-net

A Shade net is a very durable material made up of UV Stabilized polymers. There are different specifications of shade nets targeting different requirements and as such these are highly customized by us as per the needs of the customer. The basic purpose of a shade net is to protect the plants from excess exposure of sunlight and heat. This is especially important when you have sensitive plants inside and in that a case you need to correctly maintain the temperatures so that they can thrive. However, many people, now a days, are using it as a roof cover to minimize the indoor temperatures in summer. As such, you might find use of a shade net for very different reasons. No matter the use, we will help you get up and running in no time.

ORGO PITHcoco-pith

This is a specialized growing media. It is made up of different things, however, the major component of this product is coir dust. Moisture holding capacity of this product is very high. As such, water retention is increased by a huge extent when you make use of an article like this. This is a life saver in certain regions where there is a lack of annual rainfall for the crop that you want to sow. It helps in dry soil conditions as well. So, if you need less frequency of irrigation you should mix it with your soil but following the consent of a qualified horticulturist. It is better if you contact us and we shall send our team of experts to your place to assess if you actually require this item. It also provide organic nutrients to plants to some extent.


Different types of garden instruments are available with us for different purposes. This is very helpful when one starts to grow plants or starts on his gardening profession in an urban area. As you move ahead with your work you will find a lot of things which you did not know. As such, tools and equipment will be required by you and your problems can become over bearing. Sudharma is an expert in this field and so, we will give you these instruments well in advance so that whenever you are faced with a difficulty, it is always manageable without need for panic. We have that capability and support with us that we can provide you.



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