Farmhouse Advisory & Turn Key Solutions

Invest in Farm House Concept and blend your lifestyle with Nature and Wealth Creation


At Sudharma, we believe in pioneering work. As such, our experts are always looking to push the envelopes of products and services to drive shareholder value. Our company is a unique agricultural asset management company with a dedicated focus on the Indian subcontinent. We are pioneers in introducing commercial farming services and have developed a scalable  model to achieve operating institutions of scale, certainty and risk minimization to our green conscious stake holders. Based in Kolkata, we are beginning our project to manage about 100 acres of land with respect to farming and targeting assets under management of over ₹20 Crore in value added Horticulture and Farm House sectors.

Why you should invest in our farm house concept today

Sudharma was born with an idea of establishing a green venture with sustainable ROI for all stake holders. It has grown from humble beginnings to a social business, benefiting realtors and investors alike. Investors get the benefit out of our systematic Agri portfolio management, transparent investment structure, intensive expertise in precision farming and our commitment to achieve environmental and community sustainability. This concept is suitable for those who are looking for some green investment sectors coupled with real estate investment. The farm house concept has multiple profitable features which have proven very attractive to our investors surveyed. Absolute ownership of Land which offers a steady bounty is a sure fire way for wealth creation as well as sustainable development looking to the future. Bungalows with landscaped gardens create brand new life style opportunities and facilitate farming of hi-value crops.

Amidst Nature

Amidst Nature…

Farm House Concept and its Assortments

There are so many definitions of a Farm House. But as per our concept it would comprise of two components which differentiate it from general farm house concepts.

A) Farm Component(A farm based remunerative activity)

B) A Lifestyle Component

So, depending on one’s intentions, objectives, investment capacity and tastes one can choose from a variety of packages that we offer. We could provide assistance, providing more information and counseling to select the right package to suit one’s purpose. Just get in touch and let us find the right choice for you!

A) Farm Components and its Categories

  1. Fully commercial and hi end cropping for very hi return orientation.
    ( Tentative Tax free return Rs. 5- 8 lakh per year from 15 cottahs land)
  2. Fully commercial and semi traditional for good remuneration orientation.
    ( Tentative Tax free return Rs. 1.5 lakh to 5 lakh per year from 1 acre land )
  3. Commercial and traditional cropping for traditional return orientation.
    ( Tentative Tax free return Rs. 1 lakh per year from 1 acre land )

B) Lifestyle Components and its categories

  1. TYPE – 1 : Traditional Bengali / Indian cottage with good interior , reading room , wide
    varanda , one bed room, one guest room, one living cum dinning room, attach baths, one
    driver/ servent’s room, pond and fishing arrangement , Lawn and traditional garden.
    Suitable for middle class people, intellectual persons or tradition lovers.
  2. TYPE – 2 : Semi western cottage with very sophisticated interior, wide varanda,
    one bed room, one guest room, dinning room and wide living room, attach baths, one
    driver/ servant’s room, pond and fishing arrangement , wide varanda , Lawn and
    landscaped garden.
    Suitable for business class people.
  3. TYPE – 3 : Sophisticated bungalow with very sophisticated interior, wide veranda, two bed
    rooms, one guest room, dinning room and wide living room, attach baths, one driver/
    servant’s room, pond and fishing arrangement , wide varanda , ultra modern Lawn and
    landscaped garden, swimming pool.
    Suitable for executive class people.
Farm House Porch

Farm House Porch

Key Features of this Concept

  1. This system promises a regular income generation component through which a promoter
    can enjoy a tax free income on his/her investment.
  2. There is no recurring expenditure for maintenance of the asset. Any additional recurring
    expenses will depend on an individual requirement basis.
  3. All of the above are available as turn key solutions.
  4. Availability of post possession full hand holding support through estate manager.
  5. Price: Tentatively 25% less than Read Estate Market Value


Enjoy in the lap of nature

Enjoy in the lap of nature


Your Private Paradise

Your Private Paradise

Important Information

  1. We can provide land
  2. We can provide counselling
  3. We can provide customized features to our clients
  4. We can facilitate loans and subsidies
  5. Technical Hand Holding for cropping and gardening is available with the company along with property management facilities.
  6. Location is as per your choice.
  7. We will complete delivery of packages as per your selected specifications within the stipulated time frame
  8. Units available with 1 Bigha land area or in multiples thereof
  9. We accept only limited requisitions annually
  10. Sudharma has the expertise and experienced teams in relevant fields to provide clients at a cheaper price(Tentatively 25% less than Real Estate Market Value)


We also do Restructuring of Non Remunerative Farm Houses To Transform those into profit making luxurious Units