Landscaped Gardening

We are following the commitments of Nature

A smart landscaping in a residential complex

Drawing from an ancient custom, Landscaped Gardens have become a part of  modern civilization. Premium lawns, Waterfalls, Rockery etc. are the attractive components of a landscaped garden along with the introduction of foliage and ornamental plants other than both seasonal and perennial flowering plants. One can add water falls or fountains, rockery, hardscapes, patio,  lights, cane/wicker or wooden benches and a lot more as value added components besides introduction of generic components like lawns, shrubs, trees, water bodies with lilies or lotus flowers etc. There have been innumerable depictions of beautifully crafted foliage in the backdrops of architecture to sooth the soul of the residents.

Categories of landscaped Gardening

1.       Domestic

2.       Factory

3.       Institutional

4.       Road side/ Boulevard

5.       Park

6.       Housing

7.       Bungalows

8.       Tourist resort

9.       Other specialized institutional.

Types of landscaped gardening

There are so many traditional styles of landscaping persist. Some of the well-known arts are

1.       European

2.       Far eastern

3.       Japanese

4.       Indian

5.       And others

In India in most of the cases people use to like far eastern styles besides some creative styles of landscaping also.

Components of a landscaped garden

1.       Vegetation

2.       Rocks (optional)

3.       Water body/ swimming pool (optional)

4.       Pools/ Bridge (optional)

5.       Pavement

6.       Walk way

7.       Statute (optional)

8.       Fountain (optional)

9.       Lawn

10.   Huts (optional)

11.   Benches (optional)

12.   Amusement infrastructures (optional)

And many more.

Professional Consultation

We use to provide  professional consultation services in a form of  a meeting with our expert at your home/ place or at our office through which people can get  suggestions on how to develop his/ her landscaped garden.  This is a unique service for those who are seeking help to budget and to mix his/ her need and technicalities. We use to charge for it per hour basis depending on distance, site position etc. During the consultation one will get the opportunity to note different types of garden ideas apparently suitable for him/ her .

Landscape Design

testimonial_landscape-gAfter consultation If you need more assistance you may  purchase exclusive design for your purpose which may be the way to go.  A large variety of technicalities are involved in terrace/ roof landscaping. It is the combination of expertise on Civil engineering, Garden architecture, Aesthetic sense and Horticulture science as well as home-décor. Sudharma has that kind of rare expertise which it leverages to provide it’s clients with the best solutions drawing from the fields of technical prowess and aesthetic astuteness. A designer will visit your place and meet with you to discuss the areas of your landscape that you wish to develop.  In this session we will measure your place and take photos to plan your design.  The professional fees depends on so many factors like  the size of your project, distance and types of presentation etc. We  generally go over all aspects of your design at the time of inception of the project.  You will get the design with estimates and that will help you choose what is best suited to your needs. Sudharma has exemplified it’s commitment to service and all of our customers who have received it firsthand can vouch for the same.

Installation Service

Let our experienced team do all the dirty work and install the components as per your design and budget. All the works will be done in turn- key basis. If you are interested in this service, you have to follow our direction, conditions and steps of implementation. And find your new landscaped garden within the scheduled time frame.

Garden Maintenance

This is certainly a very important part to maintain your objective of your garden. If you need help in manuring of plants, use of plant protection materials, trimming back and pruning of plants,  or weeding, then this service is for you.  You may go with our Annual Maintanance Service (AMC) in this regard.

Why choose Sudharma?

The experience of our experts over a decade lies in choosing the right design to shoot your purpose. Beside this , we like to provide you something unique so your garden isn’t just a copy of general.  We did specialization currently  in small to medium-sized residential and commercial projects with a main focus on design, planting,  soil amending, edging, and small water features and maintenance.

Our main motto is to provide an “ unique space “ to our clients. We place a particular stress on creative design solutions, innovative use of modern materials and bold planting schemes.

We have collected some projects already under our fold in the mean time.