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Transforming Agriculture into a White Collar Profession

Sudharma Krishi Consultants Private Limited (Registered with Registrar of Companies (ROC) appointed under Section 609 of the Companies Act ) is a Professionally Managed Knowledge Based Company operating in the field of agriculture and allied agriventures. We provide solutions to the Service and Infrastructure domains of the Agri-Business sector. The Company is blessed with the support of a team of highly experienced Techno-Commercial experts. We have created a network with different Experts and Agencies in India and abroad to provide unique solutions to different types of Professional and Developmental challenges in the domains of Agri-Horticulture, Agri-Infrastructure and Agri-Industry. We are engaged in both Government and Private projects in India and abroad.

We are proud to have the expertise that coordinates between the concept, technologies, and other requirements and deliberations on the feasibility of a Project. One of our main focuse areas is to serve the farming community besides the organized entrepreneurs. We are using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based service and Management system to connect the gap between Lab and Land.

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